Ganesha Sambhrama: My First Solo Art Exhibition


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Ganesha Sambhrama- my first solo exhibition was held from 14 May 2017 to 16 May 2017 at Bharani Art Gallery, Mysuru. Though, the exhibition started on 14th, for us (me and my husband Nithin), it started long before. Working on paintings (which was solely my job), getting them framed, sending invitations, working for promotion, there was a lot of preparations to be done. Also, I had to prepare myself to deliver a short speech during the inauguration and later explain each of the paintings, the story, the symbolism and how it was made to the visitors. Since, it was the first time I was to give a speech, I was quite nervous!

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar, the Vice Chancellor of Karnataka State Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music & Performing Arts University. Rajashekhar Kadamba, senior theater artist and Amshi Prasanakumara, the Assistant editor of Kannada Prabha were the chief guests of the event.

Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar inaugurating the exhibition

They were very appreciative of the paintings that I had displayed especially the painting of thirty two forms of Ganapati based on their dhyana mantras from “Uttara Kaamikagama” and “Mudagal Purana”.

Painting of Thirty Two Forms of Ganapati based on their dhyana Mantras

Other works that caught their attention included “Ganapati Homam”, “Ganesha Bhakti”, “Ganesha worshipping Shiva-Shakti”, “Ganeshini” and “Kangitan”.

When time came for my speech, for a moment, I got nervous and as a result, I forgot the speech I had prepared and instead gave completely new speech. But, to my surprise it was not bad at all.

I had this fear that after the main event, nobody would visit the exhibition. But, people kept visiting throughout the day. I think more than a hundred and fifty people visited in total. Considering that this was my first solo exhibition, getting this many visitors itself is an achievement. Another satisfying thing for me was the media coverage that the event received.

Here are some of the images of media reports about the event:

To any artist, selling a painting in his/her first exhibition is a big achievement. And with the grace of Ganapati I sold three works in which two were digital prints and one was original painting.

Here are the works that I sold-

Torana Ganapati

Abstract Ganapati

Ganesha Bhakti

I think what I loved the most about the entire exhibition was how some people came from distant places reading about my exhibition in newspaper or watching in local news channels. Their appreciation was my biggest achievement. Here, I am sharing some of the feedbacks that I received-

The most beautiful thing that happened in the course of the exhibition was also the most unexpected. Someone told a Swami ji from Vrindavana about one of my digital paintings wherein I have painted a story, an interaction between baby Ganesha and baby Krishna and the Swamiji liked it so much that he instantly composed a song on it.

Here is the digital painting and the song composed by Vrindavan Swamiji-

छोटे से नन्हे से कृष्ण गए, गम्पू के पास

माखन दिखाया तो गम्पू बोले, इसमें क्या खास

खाया नहीं तो तुम क्या जानो, माखन का स्वाद

रोने लगे जब झूठे झूठे (कृष्ण), हुआ विश्वास (गणेश को)

ले लूँगा माखन रोना नहीं, गम्पू फँसे तब

लिया जो माखन कृष्ण कहे, लड्डू चाहूँ अब

लड्डू छुपाया गम्पू ने तो, कृष्ण हँसे तब

जाता हूँ फिर मैं दुःखी होके, खाओ कैसे अब

गम्पू फँसे कुछ कर ना सके, ले लो लड्डू तब

ऐसी है लीला मनमोहन की, हँस के कहें सब

I feel so honored, I cannot describe it in words.

Here are some of the photos of the exhibition-

With Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar

Delivering my inauguration speech

With Sri Kaverappa Nellamakkada, senior artist and the owner of Bharani Art Gallery and my husband Nithin Sridhar

The positivity and the happiness, that I achieved during this exhibition is going to be with me for a long time. This experience has given me the confidence to go for another exhibition. If everything works out well, I would be holding another exhibition during the Navaratri. And I sincerely hope that those who could not come to this exhibition will come to my next exhibition.

To see all the paintings that I had displayed in the exhibition, please go through-

Ganesha Sambhrama- My First Solo Art Exhibition

P.S.- I will soon upload a video that I had recorded to give a virtual tour of my Exhibition to all my friends who could not make it to the event.

Short Story “Two Kinds”- Review


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Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds” is a story of the relationship of Jing-mei and her mother. I think many people can relate to the story because the conflict between the aspirations of parents and children is not so unusual.

The story takes you from where a daughter struggles for some recognition from her mother to where she stops caring and starts struggling for her own identity. The story also shows how a mother does everything to provide some chance to her children to become something in their life. But the generation gap results in conflicts. The children become too rigid or blunt and even the inspiring words of parents seem useless to children.

The story covers the struggle as well as the rigidness of Jing-mei. The protagonist, who is an adult Jing-mei, looking back in her life, describes her own attitude and failures and how she did things intentionally to hurt her mother. As a narrator the protagonist does not try to hide the wrong doings she committed in her childhood. In fact, she narrates it so beautifully that one understands those wrong-doing as nothing but just a phase of life. Hence, Jing-mei’s not learning piano properly or her poor performance at a talent show or her mentioning the dead children of her mother intentionally, does not make a reader  hate her.

Now when the protagonist talks about her thirtieth birthday, it becomes clear that she feels sad for letting her mother down again and again while growing up. She feels frightened with the thought that her mother has completely given up on her. But when her mother offers her the same piano, next to which they had argued in which she had used her mother’s dead children to win the argument, she takes it as a sign of forgiveness.

The story’s title becomes clear when, after the death of her mother, the protagonist while playing the same piano notices something that she had never noticed before. She realizes that, “Pleading Child” and “Perfectly Contented” are two halves of the same song. May be the incident represents that even after the generation gap her mother and she were not so different. After all, her mother desired only success and happiness for Jing-mei.

Book Review: Abhaya by Saiswaroopa Iyer


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If you are fan of Pauranic fiction, then I would recommend you Saiswaroopa’s “Abhaya”, based on the lore of “Narakasura”. The story has been written so profoundly that it hooks the reader instantly. The characters, their thought process, their weakness, their strength, everything has been portrayed excellently.

I personally loved the way the author has portrayed the character of Krishna and the relationship of Abhaya and Krishna. Abhaya’s straightforward character and her fight for the right makes the reader to immediately fall in love with her.

Short Story “A Worn Path”- Review


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“A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is such a brilliant story to read. It gives warmth to the heart of the reader. Though, the protagonist Phoenix is old and poor, the way she speaks to the obstacles in her way clearly shows that she takes these challenges as an adventure. Writing a story of an old woman, who has none but a sick grandson and is forced to walk for so long for medicines, in such humorous way has really astonished me. I smiled reading her commentary over the bushes, and thrones, and scarecrow. I was surprised to see that she feared none even when the hunter pointed his gun towards her. And I was impressed with the way she stole that nickel that fell from the hunter’s pocket and later frankly asked for a nickel from the attendant to buy a paper windmill for his grandson. What a way to treat life! This story is like saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

How I see myself

If you have seen the American TV series “Friends”, then you surely know who Chandler Bing is. Thinking about his role in the series, I feel like I am his lady version. It’s not like I am a daughter of some erotic novelist mother and a gay, cross-dressing Las Vegas star father. No, my parents are perfectly simple people. But here I am talking about Chandler’s character. The way he is awkward among people. See the video and you will see how he plans to do something and ends up doing something really weird.


Yes, that’s me. I am always awkward among people. I don’t know what to say or what to do when I meet people. I think of a lot many things that I can talk about, but those thoughts never turn into actual words and I end up portraying myself as a scary kid or a dumb girl. Well, it’s really beneficial sometimes, but at other times after meeting someone, for a few days I keep thinking “why the f*** did I say that” or “oh how cool it would have been if I had said this”.
It’s almost never happened that I was comfortable meeting any new person. But as I said almost, the only person that I was never awkward with, even in my first meeting, is the one I am married to. For some reason I was so comfortable that I did not feel like I was meeting him for the first time. I was confident, happy, and myself.

Anyways, that’s me and to those who have met me and think that I am weird, I can only say- No, you have no idea how weird I can actually be. You just have seen the trailer, and I pray to God that the actual movie never gets released.

Chitra Santhe Mysuru, December 2015

I participated at the Chitra Santhe (Art Fair) 2015 organized in Mysuru. It was a great experience for me. Here are some of the photos of my stall at the art fair and snapshots of the news paper coverage of the event that mentions my work.

My works exhibited at Chitra Santhe held on 13th December, 2015

 Deccan Herald’s report on Chitra Santhe 2015 (14th Dec issue) mentions about my work
Local Kannada newpaper- Mysuru Mitra’s report on Chitra Santhe 2015 (14th Dec issue) mentions about my work. But they have got my name wrong 

An online News Portal NewsGram​ report on Chitra Santhe 2015 (14th Dec issue) mentions about my work. But they have got my name wrong 

Times of India report on Chitra Santhe 2015 (14th Dec issue) has quoted me.


Surya- Pencil Sketch (Digitally modified)

Surya-The lord of Planets

The significance of Surya in Indian thought is not only as one of the lord of Grahas, but as identical with the supreme godhead Vishnu.

He sits on a lotus, carrying in his two hands red lotuses, his complexion is deep red, his chariot has seven horses, yoked by seven ropes.

The seven horses of Sun are the seven Vedic metres- Gayatri, Brhati, Ushnik, Jagati, Trishtup, Anushtubh and Pankti.

Visit Pratyasha Nithin’s Art Gallery

Ganapati riding Simha

Ganapati on Simha
Digital Painting
All images © 2010-2015 Pratyasha Nithin. All rights reserved
This is a digital painting of Ganapati riding a lion. Here his one hand is in the gesture of protection and the other one in the gesture of boon.
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8″x10″, Acrylic on Canvas
All images © 2010-2015 Pratyasha Nithin. All rights reserved.
The painting depicts Ardhanarishwara a specific form of Shiva wherein Uma/Shakti his wife exists as left part of his body. Shiva and Shakti represents Purusha and Prakriti or Ishwara and his Maya shakti. Hence, the form of Ardhanarishwara depicts the eternal unity of Purusha and Prakriti. The Shiva’s portion is red in color and is wrapped in tiger skin. The Shakti portion is black and is adorned with ornaments. 
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Landscapes and Sceneries

10″x12″, Acrylic on Canvas
All images © 2010-2015 Pratyasha Nithin. All rights reserved
This is a knife painting of mountains.

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Acrylic on Canvas, 12″x10″
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A coracle boat floating in a river.

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Acrylic on Canvas, 12″x10″
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A painting of a house admist the greenery.
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Acrylic on Canvas, 10″x12″
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All images © 2010-2015 Pratyasha Nithin. All rights reserved.
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