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Ganesha Sambhrama- my first solo exhibition was held from 14 May 2017 to 16 May 2017 at Bharani Art Gallery, Mysuru. Though, the exhibition started on 14th, for us (me and my husband Nithin), it started long before. Working on paintings (which was solely my job), getting them framed, sending invitations, working for promotion, there was a lot of preparations to be done. Also, I had to prepare myself to deliver a short speech during the inauguration and later explain each of the paintings, the story, the symbolism and how it was made to the visitors. Since, it was the first time I was to give a speech, I was quite nervous!

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar, the Vice Chancellor of Karnataka State Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music & Performing Arts University. Rajashekhar Kadamba, senior theater artist and Amshi Prasanakumara, the Assistant editor of Kannada Prabha were the chief guests of the event.

Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar inaugurating the exhibition

They were very appreciative of the paintings that I had displayed especially the painting of thirty two forms of Ganapati based on their dhyana mantras from “Uttara Kaamikagama” and “Mudagal Purana”.

Painting of Thirty Two Forms of Ganapati based on their dhyana Mantras

Other works that caught their attention included “Ganapati Homam”, “Ganesha Bhakti”, “Ganesha worshipping Shiva-Shakti”, “Ganeshini” and “Kangitan”.

When time came for my speech, for a moment, I got nervous and as a result, I forgot the speech I had prepared and instead gave completely new speech. But, to my surprise it was not bad at all.

I had this fear that after the main event, nobody would visit the exhibition. But, people kept visiting throughout the day. I think more than a hundred and fifty people visited in total. Considering that this was my first solo exhibition, getting this many visitors itself is an achievement. Another satisfying thing for me was the media coverage that the event received.

Here are some of the images of media reports about the event:

To any artist, selling a painting in his/her first exhibition is a big achievement. And with the grace of Ganapati I sold three works in which two were digital prints and one was original painting.

Here are the works that I sold-

Torana Ganapati

Abstract Ganapati

Ganesha Bhakti

I think what I loved the most about the entire exhibition was how some people came from distant places reading about my exhibition in newspaper or watching in local news channels. Their appreciation was my biggest achievement. Here, I am sharing some of the feedbacks that I received-

The most beautiful thing that happened in the course of the exhibition was also the most unexpected. Someone told a Swami ji from Vrindavana about one of my digital paintings wherein I have painted a story, an interaction between baby Ganesha and baby Krishna and the Swamiji liked it so much that he instantly composed a song on it.

Here is the digital painting and the song composed by Vrindavan Swamiji-

छोटे से नन्हे से कृष्ण गए, गम्पू के पास

माखन दिखाया तो गम्पू बोले, इसमें क्या खास

खाया नहीं तो तुम क्या जानो, माखन का स्वाद

रोने लगे जब झूठे झूठे (कृष्ण), हुआ विश्वास (गणेश को)

ले लूँगा माखन रोना नहीं, गम्पू फँसे तब

लिया जो माखन कृष्ण कहे, लड्डू चाहूँ अब

लड्डू छुपाया गम्पू ने तो, कृष्ण हँसे तब

जाता हूँ फिर मैं दुःखी होके, खाओ कैसे अब

गम्पू फँसे कुछ कर ना सके, ले लो लड्डू तब

ऐसी है लीला मनमोहन की, हँस के कहें सब

I feel so honored, I cannot describe it in words.

Here are some of the photos of the exhibition-

With Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar

Delivering my inauguration speech

With Sri Kaverappa Nellamakkada, senior artist and the owner of Bharani Art Gallery and my husband Nithin Sridhar

The positivity and the happiness, that I achieved during this exhibition is going to be with me for a long time. This experience has given me the confidence to go for another exhibition. If everything works out well, I would be holding another exhibition during the Navaratri. And I sincerely hope that those who could not come to this exhibition will come to my next exhibition.

To see all the paintings that I had displayed in the exhibition, please go through-

Ganesha Sambhrama- My First Solo Art Exhibition

P.S.- I will soon upload a video that I had recorded to give a virtual tour of my Exhibition to all my friends who could not make it to the event.