Water colors on Paper, 12″ x 9.4″
I have depicted Lakshmi according to the description given in following mantra-
aruna kamala sansthA tadrajaha kunjavarnA 
karakamaladruteshtA abhitiyugma ambujA cha
maNi makuta vichitrAlankruta kalpajatairbhavatu
bhuvanmAtA santatam shrEhi shriyai nah || 
–Shri Sukta Dyana Mantra
Lakshmi is the one who is sitting on a red lotus, has four hands. The front hands are in abhaya and vara mudra and the back hands are holding lotuses. She is wearing ornaments and crown made of gem-stones. The ornaments are as if born from Kalpvriksha (tree of boons). I salute to the Mother of Universe and the cause of abundance in prosperity in all existence.