Mā Bhārati
Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 24″
Original: $550/- (Approx Rs 30,000/-)
Painting of Mā Bhārati- the personification of India. The image depicts India as coming out of a fire-sacrifice in which the oceans act as the fire-pit.
Yajna or fire-sacrifice is the symbolic representation of cosmic manifestation of the universe. In Hindu mythology, whenever the Dharma/Righteousness degenerates and evil rises the cosmic energy-the Divine Mother(Adya) is invoked by a fire-sacrifice to reestablish Dharma and bring order to the cosmos.
In this painting, i have used the same theme to depict the revival of India free from the social-economic-spiritual degeneration that has set in over past few centuries.
When I was half-way through the painting, it looked like this:
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