Shiva And His Family
Acrylic on Canvas, 90cm x 60cm 
Original: $760 (Rs. 42.000/-)
A Scene from Shiva’s Family Life:
In this painting you can see Shiva sitting in deep meditation. Ganesha is playfully troubling the peacock (his brother Kartikeya’s Vahana) by pulling it’s feathers and Kartikeya is complaining to Parvati (their mother) about it. The scene also depicts the Lion (Parvati’s Vahana), the Bull (known as Nandi, Shiva’s Vahana) and the Mouse (Ganesha’s Vahana) sitting idle. The river Ganga is flowing through the Shiva’s hair. 
The idea behind this painting was to extract a scene from Shiva’s daily life in which everyone is busy with their normal routine instead of their Godly aspect. I deliberately did not show the Godly aspect of the divine family as I wanted to portray their humane side as in kids playing and innocently troubling each other, a son complaining his mother about how his brother troubling him and the mother listening him patiently, the animals sitting idle and Shiva sitting unaffected from all this because it’s the daily routine. Overall, I have tried to depict a very happy family. It took almost three weeks to complete this painting.